Custom Sandblasting
We can add images to products to make them truly unique.  We start with a plain dark colored rock.  Rain gauges, wine stoppers, and necklaces are shown here.  Initials, some symbols, and animals including:  bear, dragonfly, fish, loon, moose, paw print, and a thundercloud with lightning are offered.

We also do custom sandblasting of "message rocks".  These include birth announcements, wedding notices, words, names, and more.  Size and prices vary but contact us with your ideas.

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Rock Rain Gauge with a Sandblasted Image
These Lake Superior Rocks are drilled to receive a copper wrapped glass rain gauge vial. The copper is flexible enough to bend so that the glass sits perfectly upright. The rocks are usually 2.5 to 3” tall and weigh between 1 and 1 ½ pounds. With the gauge the whole thing stands 8 inches tall. They aren’t going anywhere! appear to vanish when wet (during a rain storm) and then reappear as the rock dries – MAGIC!!! 
Order with an image OR an initial.
Price $12.00
Shipping $5.25
Rock Wine Stopper with a Sandblasted Initial.
A Lake Superior rock is drilled, screwed, and adhered to a natural cork. These stoppers are twisted in and out of the neck of a bottle during an evening to keep air from the wine. An initial is sandblasted onto the rock.  
Intial to be put on Stopper
Price $7.00
Shipping $5.00
Personalized Rock Necklace with Sandblasted Initial
These oval rocks from Lake Superior are drilled and a round leather cord forms the adjustable necklace. They weigh about half an ounce so you hardly realize you are wearing one. An Uppercase initial is sandblasted onto the surface. You can reverse the necklace to show the blank side of the rock. A simple, yet striking natural accent for you..
Cord color  
Intial to be put on Necklace
Price $11.00
Shipping $2.00
Custom Etched Rock --Weddings, Births, Pet Markers, Family Names, and on and on.

Rocks will be a gray tone.  We will sandblasted the text you desire.  These items have been used for wedding gifts, new baby gifts, grave markers, greetings and more. The pet memorial has space for a photo, the tag, and some ash or fur. Size and shape of rock will vary.  
 Price will vary  -- likely $22.00
Shipping -- likely $5.70
Contact us with your inscription and we will confirm details and price.
Contact Us

     Rock Rain Gauge 
  with sandblasted image
Rock Wine Stoppers
  Rock Necklaces